Promise Indiana Enrollment Form

Welcome to Promise Indiana’s registration process. Promise Indiana is an initiative to encourage all students to begin developing their college bound identities in preparation for college and career readiness. Through your completion of the registration process, you will create and be enrolled in a CollegeChoice 529 Direct Savings Plan.

In order to successfully register for this account, I give my child permission to participate in Promise Indiana including an evaluation process. I understand that in order to enable Promise Indiana to enroll your child and complete this process, we will collect demographic data of your child.

I authorize Promise Indiana, CollegeChoice 529 Direct Savings Plan, my child's school district, and any appropriately necessary related entities to use my child's participation data and my survey responses in any related form or manner needed to accomplish the registration process. I understand and agree that the data and survey responses may be used as part of research within this initiative and to explore similar programs. However, no information about my child will be disclosed to any entity, person, or company outside the research process. The research staff will maintain my child's confidentiality by not revealing his/her name, but merely the data collected itself.

I also give my permission to Promise Indiana to use any video film, footage, sound track recordings, and photos taken of me and/or my child in connection with Promise Indiana to further promote this program in a responsible and professional manner, including providing it to others. 

Promise Indiana agrees that neither my child nor I will be identified in any such reproductions, unless I give consent. Further, my name nor my child’s name will be used to suggest that we have endorsed any particular commercial product or service of Promise Indiana.

I release and discharge Promise Indiana, the State of Indiana, the Indiana Education Savings Authority, Ascensus Broker Dealer Services, LLC. and its affiliates, and anyone working with these entities from any and all claims in connection with the use and reproduction of me or my child in any video film, footage, sound track recordings, and photo reproductions in which we appear.

I provide the above consents and permissions without any expectation of payment of any kind, and agree I cannot file any claim in the future.